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Permanent Exhibition
A Moving History of People and Place in Chiayi
Chiayi, formerly known as Tsulo, is located on the northern end of the Chianan Plain. Crossed by the Tropic of Cancer, Chiayi features a diverse environment built upon its natural landscapes, history, and rich culture. The Puzi River, Beigang River, and Bazhang River meander through the region, while high mountain ridges descend into river valleys, rolling hills, coastal plains, sedimentary lagoons, sandbanks, and other landforms. Amid the flowing rivers and the gradual arrival of new residents, a rich culture was born.
In addition to the introduction of rice and sugar crops by the Dutch, and the mass immigration of Han Chinese during the Qing dynasty, the 1786 Lin Shuangwen rebellion had one of the most far-reaching impacts on Taiwanese history. In response, Qing forces crossed the sea, protected by an auspicious “right-turning white conch” shell, and besieged Tsulo. The turmoil was succesfully quelled through cooperation with the residents of Tsulo. At this time, Tsulo’s name was officially changed by the imperial court, allowing “Chiayi” to step onto the stage of Taiwanese history.
In the hopes that visitors will view Chiayi from a new perspective, the National Palace Museum collection joins multimedia sound, light, and visual effects to present the riverside development of Chiayi. In this experience, historical events are interwoven with human-environmental interactions and human development. Join us and learn about Chiayi’s diverse culture and deep identity by following the histories of people, events, places, and things, in times of both conflict and harmony.
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  • Event Date Permanent Exhibition
  • Location 1F S102