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Visitor Guide

Exhibition Visitor Information for the National Palace Museum

Approved and Implemented on December 22, 2012

The first, second and fifth rules were amended on February 1, 2016

The fifth and sixth rules were amended on December 2, 2016

The sixth rule was amended on June 6, 2019


The National Palace Museum (hereinafter referred to as the Museum) stipulated this guide to protect the precious relics in the exhibition and maintain the quality of the exhibition.


A group of ten visitors and above must buy the group tour ticket, rent the audio guide and put on earphones before entry. The traffic flow measures are implemented in the Museum. Please book the group audio tour device in advance.


Please change the route if necessary when it is crowded to avoid congestion.


The museum might be closed if the government called off work due to typhoon and earthquake. When a new exhibition will be held, renovation or construction will be performed, or a major special incident has occurred, we will close some areas.


In our exhibition, visitors are allowed to take pictures and record videos, but they are not allowed to use a flashlight, assistant exposure light, tripod or selfie stick. A stop sign will be used to indicate that visitors cannot take pictures of certain relics.

Visitors cannot block the escape route or other visitors when taking photos.

Visitors who take pictures of relics for commercial use or other special needs must submit an application.


Visitors must follow relevant regulations of the guide and follow the instructions of staff. We may advise or stop anyone who violates the following rules, refuse his entry or order him to leave:


(1) All kinds of contraband, dangerous articles, food, liquid or bottles are strictly prohibited in the exhibition.

(2) Visitors are strictly prohibited from providing a tour or interpretation in the exhibition without renting the audio guide. Visitors must be quiet in the exhibition.

(3) Visitors must follow the 05 Rule when taking pictures or shooting videos.

(4) Visitors must keep voices down and must not talk or laugh loudly. Visitors must not disturb other tourists.

(5) Chasing, playing, dining, smoking, lying on the chairs, sitting on the floor, taking shoes off, or littering paper or sundries is prohibited.

(6) Pets (except for guide dogs), large objects and toys are prohibited in the exhibition.

(7) Please dress neatly and don’t wear indecent clothes.

(8) Please lock your backpack, duffel bag or suitcase (personal belongings larger than A3) in the locker. We must perform necessary security checks on personal belongings.

(9) Any behavior hindering the safety of exhibits or violating the order is prohibited.