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Shuttle Service in the Park

Accessible shuttle

Accessible shuttle
  • Applicable to:People with physical and mental disabilities and an attendant have priority to take the shuttle first.
  • Fee: Free (Checked by the disability card or visual inspection)
  • Route
    • Southside stop ⇌ Museum
    • Northside stop ⇌ Museum


Please contact the tourist center in the park for the accessible shuttle service (service hotline: +886-5-362-7568 ). Submit your shuttle request and we will dispatch the shuttle for you. Please explain:

  1. Pick-up spot: The parking lots on the south and north sides, staff parking lot and temporary exhibition hall
  2. Shuttle request: For the wheelchair rental request, we must make sure that the visitor is alone or accompanied by family.
  3. Ask the visitor where he wishes to go.

※ To take the wheelchair shuttle, please contact the tourist center or the staff at the entrance of the Museum.

Shuttle bus in the park

Shuttle bus in the park
  • Applicable to:Regular tourists
  • Fee:Free/ unlimited rides and any type of shuttle
  • Route
    • SouthTourist Center ⇌ Museum
    • NorthS5 Cultural Performance Station ⇌ Museum
  • Schedule: The shuttle comes every 20 minutes. The route will be extended to the north side if necessary, and the shuttle will come every 30 minutes.