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Past exhibition

Permanent Exhibition
Understanding Asian Art
The Asian continental landmass is the largest one covering the Earth’s surface. Its population also includes almost sixty percent of the world, making it top among all the continents. It is home to more than a thousand ethnic groups and features a wide variety of cultures, each different and unique in its own way. In terms of food, clothing, living, and travel, each culture has developed and many still preserve its own ways based on geographical and other factors. From prehistoric times to the present, many peoples have come into contact with each other. In the process of interaction and fusion, they gradually formed their own ethnic identity while at the same time leaving behind traces of previous influences. As for art and culture, this aspect of exchange is even more evident, as the elements of different cultures can be seen over time in the people and places where they live.

The National Palace Museum Southern Branch is an institution dedicated to improving our understanding of the arts and cultures of Asia. The Museum’s own collection combined with marvelous works from other institutions help tell the story of the heritage and transformation of cultures in different areas in Asia over the millennia, demonstrating how this area became an important melting pot for art and culture.

This gallery takes Taiwan as a foothold for gaining a perspective of Asia as a whole, for which three videos have been produced: “Getting to Know the Art of Asia,” “The Cultural Sphere of India,” and “The Cultural Sphere of China.” Together, they offer an innovative and fascinating look using the latest video technology. They present in detail the precious artworks and cultural artifacts on display in the various galleries, allowing audiences to gain both a deeper and wider realization of Asian civilization.
Exhibition Information
  • Event Date Permanent Exhibition
  • Location 3F S301