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Past exhibition

Special Exhibition
Sawasdee Thailand: A Glimpse of Thai Culture at the NPM
Thailand, known as Siam up until 1939, has since ancient times been a hub of international commerce and travel. Thailand was influenced by the ancient civilizations of neighboring India and China, and has assimilated cultural elements from various Southeast Asian ethnic groups, and during the Age of Discovery also started to interact with Western countries. Cultural influences from India, China, and Southeast Asia, together with religious faith and material culture from modern Europe, contributed to the unique and splendid Thai civilization.

This exhibition builds upon historical documents from the National Palace Museum collection to provide an overview of the Thai civilization, which is characterized by non-linear development owing to the country’s multi-ethnic makeup and various cultural influences. The exhibition also presents the traditional features of Thai religious faiths and art and reflects on how Thai civilization continues to evolve as it embraces diversity.
Exhibition Information
  • Event Date 2019-10-05~2020-01-05
  • Location 2F S203