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Special Exhibition
Floral Art for Pleasure –Appreciation of Flower Vessels and Lifestyle


  • Introduction

    Special Exhibition/ S203

    Floral Art for Pleasure–Appreciation of Flower Vessels and Lifestyle

    Floriculture, as a lifestyle art, has endured since ancient times. People used various materials to make vessels for the cultivation of flowers. Flowers are also Vitamin F of life because they have super powers that can do wonders to your body, mind and soul. As time passed by, the beautiful flowers fade, but the containers have remained to be appreciated by future generations. In addition to the pleasure of floriculture and appreciation of flower containers, the chosen vessels and the ways of floral arrangement are also the embodiment of personal ideals and lifestyle. This exhibition is entitled "Floral Art for Pleasure" to reiterate the classical affinity of enthusiasts and flowers.

    Between the 16th and 19th centuries, floriculture and the appreciation of floral containers flourished in China. During this time, archaic vessels were greatly used by flower lovers as floral containers because they evoked classical memories of the ancestors. Another trend encouraged artisans to create original floral containers that catered to elegant, fashionable or luxurious tastes, revealing an alternative thinking among the literati. Especially in the Qing dynasty, flowers have always been embedded with wealth and auspicious connotations, and the selection of matching floral containers not only enhanced those but made a space full of delight.

    In Taiwan, early flower vessels were a blend of local craftsmanship with the Chinese and Japanese traditions of floral art, which resulted in unique characteristics. Such distinctive development is also featured in this exhibition for the audience to better understand the splendor of local flower vessels.

    The exhibition is comprehensively divided into four themes – "Antiquities: Classical Simplicity," "Novelties: Trendy Brilliance," " Charms: Embodiment of Good fortune," and " Heirlooms: Lifestyle of Qur Grannies." We are able to connect with the ancients by understanding their choices of flower vessels, and explore the literati's exquisite and subtle mindscape. At the same time, we hope that the visitors can gather memories of this exhibition to build a lovely environment back home. In addition, a zen-inspired surreal garden created with multimedia will lead the audience into the fantasy world of flower vessels, where they can experience the fantastic fusion of technology and art.

  • Antiquities: Classical Simplicity

  • Novelties: Trendy Brilliance

  • Charms: Embodiment of Good Fortune

  • Heirlooms: Lifestyle of Our Grannies

  • Plum Blossoms in Moonlight

  • Plum Blossoms in Moonlight


    Plum Blossoms in Moonlight


    Plum Blossoms in Moonlight


Exhibition Information
  • Event Date 2018-11-03~2019-05-01
  • Location 2F S203