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Past exhibition

Special Exhibition
CAI Qian and WANG Delu
The Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum is located in Taibao, Chiayi, where has an amused historical background. The city of Taibao was named after the official title of a local hero, WANG Delu of the Qing Dynasty. He was given the title Taizi Taibao (Junior Guardian of the Heir Apparent) by Qing’s Emperor Jiaqing. To memorize this extraordinary honor, his hometown was therefore renamed Taibao. This honor was earned because Wang was the man who had wiped out CAI Qian, a one dominated force over the South and East China seas. In his heyday of the 19th century, CAI’s power extended from China’s Zhejiang to Vietnam. He was the most powerful marine force in the region ever since ZHENG Zhilong of the 17th century. Over and over, CAI challenged the Qing Empire on the seas. He also had invaded Taiwan several times and stayed in Chiayi for a while. Legend has it that the descendants of CAI and his corps are still living in Chiayi’s coastal areas. The fateful duel between CAI and WANG was not just about the boldly fights between civilians and the government. It also shaped the regional development of Chiayi. Therefore, the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum hosts the special exhibition of “CAI Qian and WANG Delu” in face presenting the history of Chiayi form an additional view point.
Exhibition Information
  • Event Date 2019-07-25~2020-01-02
  • Location 3F S302