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What car routes can I take to the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum?


Take Freeway No.1’s Chiayi Interchange off-ramp, drive along Gaotie Blvd. (Provincial Highway 18), and turn right at Gugong Blvd. (this 13 km route takes about 17 minutes).

Take Freeway No.1’s Shuishang Interchange off-ramp, then drive along Chiapu Highway (County Highway 168), and turn right at Taizi Blvd. (this 10 km route takes about 13 minutes).

Depart Freeway No.3 for Provincial Highway 82 (the Dongshi to Chiayi Expressway), then turn right at Xuefu Rd. Section 2 and, after passing the county government buildings, follow the road sign indicating the museum (this 12 km route takes about 15 minutes).