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Is there any service window for artifacts inquiries and authentication?

As authentication of artifacts does not fall under the purview of the museum’s statutory operations, we only offer an academic advisory service by the Northern Branch researchers who will only furnish their academic opinions. No fee will be charged and no formal documentary certification will be issued. If you would like to benefit from this free service, please contact us by phone to make an appointment and schedule an inquiry.

Artifacts Authentication and Inquiry phone number: +886-2-2881-2021 Ext. 2333

Books and Documents Authentication and Inquiry phone number: +886-2-2881-2021 Ext. 2740

Painting and Calligraphy Authentication: the Northern Branch provides free consulting services from 2-4 pm every Tuesday. (Appointments in advance are unnecessary but please note that we are closed on holidays). For our free consulting services, the appropriate information is provided on an oral basis only. No written identification or authentication document will be issued. Nor are the recipients of such information to use it for profit. If you would like to benefit from this consulting service, please contact the Northern Branch Information Desk of the Administration Building on Tuesdays during the hours mentioned above. To facilitate providing our consulting services in full and to reduce wait times, each group of arrivals is only permitted to bring a total of five items or less to each consultation.