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Temporary Exhibition

Celebrating the Year of the Dog: A Special Exhibition of Festival Themed Collections
Celebrating the Year of the Dog: A Special Exhibition of Festival Themed Collections
Extension:Temporary Exhibition 2018/01/30~ 2018/05/27
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Exhibition Description


Exhibition Description



Our lives revolve around the cycles of time in nature. Day after day, year after year, everything in life, including work and study, is guided by this idea. And festivals are the recurring events that break up the passage of time, adding a refreshing and joyful touch to the regularity of daily life and filling it with beauty and richness. Festivals developed from the interaction of various complex cultural factors, filtering and crystallizing the uniqueness of a particular culture. The year 2018 corresponds to “wuxu” in the traditional sixty-year cycle of the Chinese calendar. It is also the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese zodiac, a cycle of twelve years represented by twelve animals. This special exhibition starts with an introduction to the Year of the Dog and presents a series of joyous festivities for the Chinese New Year celebrations. At the same time, to complement the Taiwan Lantern Festival being held in Chiayi County this year, Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum has selected a range of objects from the collection to celebrate not only the Year of the Dog but the Lantern Festival and good fortune in general. The result is “Celebrating the Year of the Dog: A Special Exhibition of Festival Themed Collections,” presenting a feast for the eyes at the National Palace Museum Southern Branch. The contents include New Year’s decorations, the Lantern Festival, and lucky expressions from daily life, taking audiences back to the way Chinese welcomed the New Year in the old days and allowing them to understand the full beauty of auspicious images. Also being held is “Celebrations Lighting Up the Night: A Special Exhibition of Paintings on the Lantern Festival” at the Museum’s Northern Branch, bringing New Year celebrations to everyone north and south. This special exhibit at the Southern Branch is divided into four sections, the first being “Good Fortune in the Year of the Dog,” which highlights a series of “Ten Fine Hounds” painted by the Italian artist Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766) at the Qing dynasty court. Each work is meticulous and lifelike with delicate strokes of ink and color to depict prized dogs offered as tribute to the Qing court. The second section is entitled “Greeting the New Year” and introduces court artifacts related to the New Year celebrations. The third is on “Celebrating the Lantern Festival” with artworks to illustrate the colorful decorations and lanterns used by the Chinese in the past to enjoy the Lantern Festival. The fourth section is on “The Auspiciousness of Good Fortune and Long Life,” featuring a rich selection of artifacts symbolizing auspiciousness. It is hoped this display will foster and illuminate an atmosphere brimming with joy to give everyone a beautiful and festive experience.

  • Part 1

    Good Fortune in the Year of the Dog

  • Part 2

    Greeting the New Year

  • Part 3

    Celebrating the Lantern Festival

  • Part 4

    The Auspicious Signs, Good Fortune and Long Life


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