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Buddhist art
Seated Buddha
Dated 645 or 653, Kaśmir, India
Seated Buddha 
Brass with silver and copper Height: 29 cm

  This brass Buddha has inlaid silver eyes and copper lips, a typical Kaśmiri technique. Kaśmir had a long Buddhist tradition and the style of its statues shows the heritage of Gandhāran art during the Kuṣāṇa period and Gupta Empire art.

  This Buddha performs the wheel-turning gesture (Skr. dharmacakra mudrā) and sits on a lotus throne decorated with lions. The figure’s head is covered with an extravagant arrangement of hair whorls. The round face has puffy cheeks and arched slender eyebrows. The realistic modeling of the body and solemn expression are characteristic of Gandhāran art, while the figure-clinging robe is in line with the Guptan style. The overall style conforms to the period indicated in the inscription on the base. Features common to Kaśmiri royal families can be seen in the donors’ clothing. This mid-seventh-century Kaśmiri masterpiece is one of the important works from that area that have been precisely dated, so it is very precious.


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