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Ewer with Inlaid Chrysanthemum Design
13th Century
Ewer with Inlaid Chrysanthemum Design 
H. 23.7 cm; Diam. 14.7 cm

  This yuhuchun-style ewer has a flared mouth, flat base, and short ring foot. The handle, positioned slightly below the mouth, attaches to the neck and has a loop. The spout is slightly lower than the upper end of the handle, roughly the height of the upper part of the neck. The vessel is mainly decorated with white inlay, but there is also some black inlaid decoration and some simple incised design. The area between the mouth and the neck are adorned with key frets and grass scrolls, bordered by lines; the shoulder is reverse inlaid with a band of lotus petals with lines above and cloud bands below.  On the belly are two roundels of chrysanthemum surrounded by small circles. The lower part of the body is inlaid with a band of lotus petals, lines dividing the upper and the lower bellies. It is covered with grayish green glaze except for the foot rim and base.


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