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Gourd-shaped Ewer with Inlaid
13th Century
Gourd-shaped Ewer with Inlaid 
H. 29.5 cm; Diam. 19.0 cm

  This gourd-shaped vessel has a small mouth, slender waist, flat base, concave foot, and stopper with a knob on it. The curved handle is slightly higher than the waist, with one end attached to the shoulder and the other to the belly. There is a loop on the handle. The curved spout stretches forward and its opening is about the height of the top of the handle. Each of the eight lobes of the vessel has a groove running down from the waist. The piece is inlaid with different patterns. The neck is decorated with circles and lotus petals, the shoulder and the belly with chrysanthemums inlaid in black and white. The lower belly is decorated with an overlapping band of lotus petals. The base of the spout has leaves carved in relief with details incised. It is covered with translucent glaze. The thinly glazed foot rim exposes the brown clay body. The base reveals three spur marks.


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