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Bowl with Inlaid Flower, Butterfly, and Bird Design
12th Century
Bowl with Inlaid Flower, Butterfly, and Bird Design 
H. 8.5 cm; Diam. 20.0 cm

  This vessel has a round and upright mouth, deep curved-body, sunken bottom, flat base, and ring foot. The cracked base reveals three spur marks. This piece is covered with translucent glaze. Part of the surface has natural cracks or iron spots. The glaze on the foot rim is thinner, exposing the clay body. The decoration is all executed with inlay technique. The exterior wall is decorated with four peony roundels with vine scrolls in reverse inlay. The lower belly has a band of lotus petals inlaid in black, small circles inside each petal. The interior base is decorated with inlaid chrysanthemum design surrounded by lotus petals, small circles, and double lines. The interior wall is adorned with floral arabesques. There are white cranes perching and butterflies flying around, recreating a dynamic natural scene on the vessel.


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