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Buddhist art
Head of a Bodhisattva
Northern Qi dynasty, Mid-6th century
Head of a Bodhisattva 
Limestone Height: 37 cm

  This bodhisattva has a wide forehead and finely textured plump cheeks. The almost realistic modeling of the facial features is defined by long, arched eyebrows, downcast eyes, a tucked-in chin, and lips that curve slightly upwards. A compassionate expression completes this serene, peaceful portrait.

  The stylistic traits of this work and the limestone material bear close affinity to statues found in the Xiangtangshan Grottoes and sponsored by the court of the Northern Qi dynasty. This work is therefore very likely to have originated in the region of capital Ye (on the border of today’s Handan, Hebei Province, and Anyang, Henan Province).


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