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National Palace Museum Southern Branch Acquisition Project

The National Palace Museum is world-renowned for its fine collection of Chinese artifacts. However, the collection is not limited to artifacts hailing from China, but also includes treasures from distant regions and lands – constituting a truly rich and diverse array of artifacts, and attracting an endless flow of visitors from around the world to the NPM.

Since ancient times, in the region between the eastern Arabian Peninsula and the western edge of the Pacific, the interactions between various civilizations have never ceased. Among them is the Chinese culture, which, due to factors such as cultural exchanges and commerce, has not only spread widely to distant regions, but also been under influences from other cultures through culture and artifact exchange by land and sea.

Even during the preparation phase, the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum has endeavored to become a world-class museum with a grand vision. The Southern Branch proactively explores the relationship between the Chinese Civilization and the cultures surrounding it through the collection based at the National Palace Museum (NPM). Based on this ideal and vision, the exhibitions planned for the opening include:

1.Imprints of Buddhas: the Buddhist Art in the National Palace Museum Collection
2.Boldness of Forms and Colors: Asian Textiles in the National Palace Museum Collection
3.The Aesthetics of Diversity: South Asian Costumes in the National Palace Museum Collection
4.Radiating Hues of Blue and White: Ming Dynasty Blue-and-White Porcelains in the National Palace Museum Collection
5.The Far-Reaching Fragrance of Tea: The Art and Culture of Tea in Asia
6.Treasures from Across the Kunlun Mountains: Islamic Jades in the National Palace Museum Collection
7.Sailing the High Seas: Imari Porcelain Wares
8.The Enduring Beauty of Celadon: A Special Exhibition of Goryeo Celadons
9.The Flow of Time : A Brief History of Chiayi

The Southern Branch of the NPM will continue to curate exhibitions of related themes for the benefit of the visitors. Therefore, we are constantly seeking artifacts to enrich our exhibitions. Our main collecting interests are:

Ceramics: Chinese celadons and trade ceramics from the Yuan dynasty, ceramics from the Northeast Asian, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern regions, metalware and glassware from the West Asian, Central Asian, and East Asian regions which show influences of ceramic exchanges.

Textiles: Textiles and accessories with historical and cultural significance, such as imperial costumes from Asian countries, and textiles demonstrating various dying, weaving and embroidering techniques.

Buddhist arts: Buddhist statues and other related artifacts.

Tea cultures: Utensils for the early Taiwanese Gong Fu tea ceremony, utensils for the Japanese Matcha and Sencha tea ceremony, tea wares from various Asian regions, and other tea-culture related artworks, paintings and calligraphies.

Paintings: Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, Persian and Indian miniature paintings, Japanese and Korean paintings.

Other: Fine Asian artifacts and daily utensils.

For any parties interested in participating in the NPM Southern Branch’s collecting efforts, please prepare following documents for the artifact review and procurement procedures.

1.Photographs and high-resolution digital images of the front, back, and bottom of each object.

2.Photographs and high-resolution digital images of details of each object.

3.Condition report of the object (including year, origin, material, size, current location and conditions of any damages or conservation treatments)

4.Statement of provenance and authenticity of the object

5.Price quotation with at least one year of validity (preferably an official appraisal report, with the total amount and the unit price marked in both NT$ and the original currency.) 

6.Affidavit of guaranteed participation with at least one year of validity (seller is required to provide a written statement of guaranteed participation for at least one year – the duration of the follow-up evaluation and potential procurement process)

7.All relevant research material related to the object

8.List of verifiable transaction prices and related information for similar objects

Duration of Open Invitation:21 April-19 June, 2016

For details regarding the acquisition process, please refer to the museum website: National Palace Museum Regulations for the Acquisition of Cultural Relics.

Sellers are strongly recommended to submit the required documents as early as possible as the assessment process will be begin after the deadline on a first come, first serve basis.

Contact information:

Ms. Liu at +886-(5)-3620-555#5310 or

All of the documents listed above should be sent to the following address by registered letter or express services:

Ms. Liu

National Palace Museum, Department of the Southern Branch,

No.888, Gugong Blvd., Taibao City., Chiayi County 61248, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

National Palace Museum Southern Branch Acquisition Project: