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Asia Theater presents the Indian epic film “Ramayana.” Ramayana is very important historically as it established an Indian religion and its moral standards. The protagonist of the story, Rama, is an upstanding individual who is portrayed by Indian legend as the incarnation of Vishnu. Killing the demon king Ravana, Rama becomes the true hero who established a religion and moral standards for the people. In the Hindu religion he also appeared as an important iconic image. This film stresses the Rama’s original identity as a paragon of virtue and aims to convey to children the many virtues of Rama, Laksmana, Hanuman, and Sita.

The Battle to Rescue Sita

After children finish watching the Ramayana story, in the next section we use an interactive game device to review the plot of the story to achieve educational purposes. For this game we selected three obstacles from the story, such as the bridge to be constructed over the ocean and the battle for the island of Lanka, with each obstacle echoing the content in the film. Before each obstacle the children are prompted to recall the storyline and Hanuman as the game host explains the rules of the game which in turn requires children to remember even more of the story. Ultimately kids can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the characters in the story and together attack the ten-headed demon king and save Sita.